The Twenty Six in Fifty Two - Challenge for 2019 Starting January 4th...

It's a new year! Have you made your resolution? We know it manifests once we align our resonance and stream our energy coherently. Please consider joining our 26/52 Challenge for 2019! This program is for anyone who has the resonance repatterning training and would like to revisit all of the basic repatternings. We invite you to do 1 repatterning self-session every 2 weeks with a  reminder we'll send you. You could focus your sessions on your New Years resolution and enjoy it unfolding! We'll include the blog post I wrote for each repatterning when previously offered.   Whether you are a student practitioner completing certification requirements or  an experienced practitioner this challenge is an opportunity to revisit those repatternings we haven't done for awhile or the one's we have been avoiding.   This allows us to understand ourselves at a deeper level and hopefully inspires each of us to keep DOING OUR OWN WORK! 

If you are new to repatterning and are receiving sessions the bi-weekly reminders may inspire you to examine patterns that you may want to shift with your next practitioner visit. 


Ardis Ozborn

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