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Diane "Dee" Jenkins

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Advanced Student
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Diane "Dee"
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1207 Frederick Street
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Eastern Standard
Advanced Studies Training Record to Date
  • Completion of the Transforming Five Elements and Meridians Patterns and the basic training series
  • Principles of Relationship
  • Energetics of Relationship Test
  • A New Vision
  • Inner Cultivation
Advanced Studies Training Record Details
Advanced Certification Diploma to be mailed to me in January, 2019
Living In Tune Seminars
  • Living in Tune - Light
  • Living in Tune - Heart
  • Living in Tune - Life
RRI Home Study Courses
  • Other (complete in comments)
Training Record Additional Comments
I attended the following seminars: 10/5/1997 Fundamentals/Tobey Milne; 11/14/1999 Transforming Primary & Unconscious Patterns/Tobey Milne; 2/2000 Transforming Chakra & Meridian Patterns/Shady Sirotkih; 3/2002 Principles of Relationships/Chloe Wordsworth; 5/2003 A New Vision/Chloe Wordsworth; 12/2003Energetics of Relationships/Chloe Wordsworth; 1/2004 Advanced Meridian Training Part 1/ Chloe Wordsworth; 9/11/2004 Advanced Meridian Training Part 2/Chloe Wordsworth; 11/3/2006 Empowering Yourself with HR/Meryl Chodosh Weiss; 12/2006 4 days of intensive certification process with observations/Victoria Benoit; 1/2007 Continued certification process & observation/Meryl Chodosh Weiss. 6/25/2007 Official Resonance Repatterning Certification Date; 3/11 to 4/30/2008 Taking Resonance Repatterning Modalities Deeper/Kathie Joblin;4/28/2008 Boosting Marketing IQ/Ellen Shapiro; 1/23-25/2009 Healing the Family Systems Part 2 Family Groups/Carin Block; 10/27-30/2010 Retake Principles of Relationships/Chloe Wordsworth; Fall/2013 Five Elements Online Course/Ardis Ozborn; 12/6-8/2013 Healing the Family Systems Part 1/Magui (Carin) Block; 6/26-28/2015 Retake A New Vision/Chloe Wordsworth; 11/12/2015 Mastery 1/Michelle Bongiorno; 11/13-15/2015 Retake Meridian Patters/Michelle Bongiorno ; 2017 & 2018 3 Living in Tune Seminars/Chloe Wordsworth. I did Home Study Course of Spiral Up 127 Energizing Options & Polarity Principles & Contacts for the 5 Chakras. I took Energetics of Relationships January 25 through February 22, 2017, with Chloe Wordsworth as Teacher. The Living in Tune series I took utilizing Zoom.
About Me
I had a phenomenal Holographic Repatterning session with Tobey Milne in 1997. I started taking seminars with Tobey in 1997. Over the years, most of my seminars were with Chloe Wordsworth. I utilized what I learned frequently yet not as a full time, five day a week practitioner. In 2006 and early 2007, I studied with Victoria Benoit and Meryl Chodosh Weiss and achieved my Resonance Repatterning Certification. I continued to give and receive sessions and take more seminars. In 2016, I informed Resonance Repatterning Institute that I wanted to obtain their Certification as well as their Advanced Certification Diploma. I studied a lot, did many sessions and was very persistent in continuing to learn and improve. Victoria DeMasi, Michelle Bongiorno and Ardis Ozborn helped me to fulfill these goals in 2018. I proved to myself it is never to late to achieve a goal. In 2018 I turned 70 years old and I fulfilled this goal! I thank all who assisted me on my journey.
My Professional Goal
My professional goal is to balance quality time with my husband, who intends to retire in 2019, and family with quality time with my clients of both Reiki and Resonance Repatterning in the future.
Ozardis Seminar Completion Record
  • Living in Tune - Light
  • Living in Tune – Heart
  • Living in Tune - Life
  • Five Elements and Meridians Patterns and the basic training series
  • Principles of Relationship
  • Energetics of Relationship
  • A New Vision
  • Inner Cultivation
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