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Advanced Student
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890 Aspenglow Lane
Colorado Springs
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Mountain Time, Colorado, USA
Advanced Studies Training Record to Date
  • Completion of the Transforming Five Elements and Meridians Patterns and the basic training series
  • Principles of Relationship
  • Energetics of Relationship Test
  • A New Vision
Advanced Studies Training Record Details
All taken more than once except the Inner Cultivation class and book. And the newest Energetics Class and latest Book.
The primary classes I completed before 2002, I had all observations and sessions checked off to become a practitioner. I don't recall when I completed all the advanced classes, but I think they were also done by then. I went to all the conferences we had in Arizona and then to New York for the intensive Training Michele Bongiorno Organizer. Teachers have been Helen Peak, Chloe, Ardis, Dorinda Hartson, Shady, Kaye Zeiger and a few others.
I went on to co-organized the teachers coming to Colorado Springs and took the classes from that perspective as well.
There used to be a form we had to fill out and mail to each teacher if it didn't get signed after the class... it was really hard to keep track of, but there should be a copy with the RPA...?
I have listened to most of the recorded Radio casts facilitated by Chloe, have the 3 Living in Tune Books and thought I took 2 of the seminar classes but only see one of them confirmed below...? ***but I would like to listen to the recordings for all 3.
Living In Tune Seminars
  • Living in Tune - Light
  • Living in Tune - Heart
RRI Home Study Courses
  • Other (complete in comments)
  • None of the above
Training Record Additional Comments
As checked above.I have the Quantum Change Made Easy book, opened to several areas, but have yet to read it thru.
My Professional Goal
Because I come from a Nursing/Medical background, credentials and being observed to prove your skills seem natural to me and very important to honor the journey ones have taken. As I am leaving the nursing career and reaching out to new horizons to truly own my RR business I am facing new, unexpected challenges.
As an 'Advanced Practitioner', I continue to hone my skills, but in this ever-changing world of technology, cultural shifts and my own pattern changes with age, I am unable to extend confidence to my clientele just yet. I want them to be inspired by this work so they can set an expectation of relief and satisfaction with every session, yet I find the need to myself be inspired and relieved.
For this professional level of intention, I am seeking continued 'excellence training' from my teachers and mentors that are leaders in this field. Along with my spiritual practice and community, they are the ones who have inspired me to do more, be more and challenge myself over the years.
My own mission is to always be learning and developing qualities of the heart, doing so, I expect to attract new clients, consistently and be of value in the community as I expand my practice and the Resonance Repatterning (R) system into new areas beyond a private office.
Every student, classmate and colleague has a valuable gem quality, and I look forward to having a positive interchange as we learn together for synergistic outcomes of success.
Ozardis Seminar Completion Record
  • Living in Tune – Heart
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