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Christina Beneman

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Advanced Student
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12812 Bridlepath Road
Advanced Studies Training Record to Date
  • Completion of the Transforming Five Elements and Meridians Patterns and the basic training series
  • Principles of Relationship
  • Energetics of Relationship Test
  • A New Vision
  • Inner Cultivation
Advanced Studies Training Record Details
Certified practitioner 2004
Living In Tune Seminars
  • Living in Tune - Life
RRI Home Study Courses
  • None of the above
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Flower Essence practioner
Heart Ambassador, Heart Math Institute
Biofield Tuning
About Me
Hello friends.
Glad to be with you. Garden season ending here in Maryland, lots of fermenting and preserving, herbal potions and lotions. So much joy and bounty from the good earth.

Perfect timing to retake Energetics. Dovetails splendidly with current studies with Eileen McKusick. See the Biofield Tuning website and her book: Tuning the Human Biofield, Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy. I am headed to Vermont October 2019 for a practitioner class. Especially interested in offering group healing sessions. Wide application for pain of all kinds.

Grateful for my RR training. We offer such powerful opportunities for personal and planetary transformation. Kudos to Shyama Orem, Karen Kent and Laura Frisbee for the years of amazing trades and mentees Fiona MacKensie and Carole Brown who have enriched me as well. Tribute as well to inspired RR teachers over the years, Tobey, Dorinda, Michelle, Ardis, Carolyn, Gail , Shady..and the RR goddess Chloe.
My Professional Goal
My work continues to inspire me and others to clear old patterns that keep us stuck so w can show up with all our love and power in the world.
Ozardis Seminar Completion Record
  • Living in Tune - Life
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