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Mary Aldrich

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Advanced Student
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1034 fiedler Ln
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Advanced Studies Training Record to Date
  • Completion of the Transforming Five Elements and Meridians Patterns and the basic training series
  • Inner Cultivation
Advanced Studies Training Record Details
Basic Series of Fundamentals - Meridians - teacher: Ardis Ozborn, completed 11/2016
Inner Cultivationa - teacher: Chloe Wordsworth - completed 9/2017
Living in Tune With Your Heart-Teacher: Chloe Wordsworth - completed 2018
Living in Tune with your Life - teacher Chloe Wordsworth - completed 11/2018
Living In Tune Seminars
  • Living in Tune - Heart
  • Living in Tune - Life
RRI Home Study Courses
  • Inner Cultivation
Training Record Additional Comments
I participate in WOT sessions - ongoing
About Me
I became certified as a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner in August, 2018. I have been working as a student practitioner when I completed the basic series through Meridians. I now am working as a Certifieid Practitioner and in the process of building my website and clientele. I am also committed to taking at least one new seminar a year, possibly two. I am also a member of RPA and starting to serve as a volunteer. I am an artist trained as a sculptor and painter, and find that doing this work ( RR) enhances my creativity and awareness. It allows me to interact with others in a way that contributes to their well being.
My Professional Goal
My goal professionally, is to develop my resonance repatterning business working with individuals seeking to enhance their own lives through this work. I also plan to include using art to enhance their experience- through personalized color, form and symbols - what I call "soul portraits".
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