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9526 Meadow Lane
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Advanced Studies Training Record to Date
  • Completion of the Transforming Five Elements and Meridians Patterns and the basic training series
  • Principles of Relationship
Advanced Studies Training Record Details
6-11-2000 Transforming Five Elements and Meridian Patterns - Chloe
10-30-2000 Principles of Relationship - Chloe
6-26-2019 Vision Through Movement, Memory and Light - Chloe
11-20-19 Energetics of Relationship - Chloe
Living In Tune Seminars
  • Living in Tune - Light
  • Living in Tune - Heart
  • Living in Tune - Life
RRI Home Study Courses
  • Energetics of Relationship
  • Inner Cultivation
  • Other (complete in comments)
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Spiral Up
About Me
I grew up in Iowa, married my high school sweetheart and moved to Kansas City where we still abide. We raised three terrific children who are now grown and and living vibrant lives. In my earlier adult years I taught elementary and middle school, then later taught effective instruction to student teachers and served as university supervisor. Having trained in a plethora of healing modalities, I have enjoyed a fulfilling private practice for the last 19 years. I have a most keen interest in spirituality, psychology and quantum physics and am fascinated to witness the convergence of science and spirit.
My Professional Goal
I completed the basic training series and Principles of Relationship with Chloe back in 1999 and 2000 and am thrilled to be back attending the advanced courses. For the last three years I've been working on a PhD in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine with a concentration in Energy Psychology. While contemplating a dissertation project regarding the field of the heart, I felt a nudge to see what Resonance Repatterning might have to say about it. As "luck" ; ) would have it, Chloe was about to start teaching Living in Tune with Your Heart. After taking the course I knew it was time to be ALL IN! I am now on the path to RR certification! What a wonderful, brilliant tool for transformation!
Ozardis Seminar Completion Record
  • Living in Tune – Heart
  • Living in Tune - Life
  • Principles of Relationship
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