Seeking a client ready to attract a loving relationship..

7 Dec 2018 9:00 AM | Ardis Ozborn (Administrator)

Are you single? Are you seeking a loving, supportive, romantic relationship? Are you wondering why you can' seem to find a partner that is "right" for you?

If you are ready to change your status I would like to offer you a session!

Chloe will be teaching the Principles of Relationship seminar in our ONLINE classroom starting January 29th. I would like to demonstrate a repatterning from this work. The only requirements are that you have taken at least the basic training; you are single and available for an intimate relationship: and you are willing to receive the session on a videoconferencing format that will include others observing.

Please enroll for this group experience and let me know if you want to be the client. While one person will receive the session everyone else who enrolls is invited to proxy into it.

Let's start the new year focused on attracting love and resonating with believing we deserve to be loved as we are!

See you on January 13th.


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