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Meet the Training Team...

About Ardis Ozborn - Licensed teacher

I have always loved to teach. Coming from a large family gave me years of "older sister experience" as I guided my younger siblings through life. I have been teaching Resonance Repatterning since 1995 and was the first teacher trained by Chloe Wordsworth who is the founder of Resonance Repatterning.

I have been privileged to teach this amazing process around the world to people from South Africa to Australia, from England to Mexico, from the Virgin Islands to Hawaii, from Toronto to Chile and many places in the USA.

In addition to teaching I am the Director of Teacher Training for the Resonance Repatterning Institute. In this capacity I am honored to work closely with Chloe to support her development of new training materials that empower new teachers to bring their unique abilities to students.

Several years ago I spoke with Chloe about my desire to bring this training online. She gave her blessing and I partnered with Carolyn Winter, an experienced practitioner of Resonance Repatterning and a tech savvy goddess, to convert the inperson training to this new and exciting format. We pioneered live online video training in Resonance Repatterning in 2013. With this successful launch we are now making these live trainings available to people around the world.

My students include professionals who want to expand their portfolio as well as people who are struggling to overcome personal or family issues.

I have a BA degree in Social Work from Michigan State University and I have studied Psychology and Inner Child work in depth. I have been drawn to learn about energetic systems as well including: Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Meridian Systems, Chakra Systems, Color Healing and Sound Healing.

My goal as a teacher and a trainer of teachers is to empower everyone to believe in the possibility of transformation. I have used this process on myself, my family, friends and clients for over 25 years. It is extraordinary.

Several years ago a psychiatrist phoned me to discuss 2 women that I was working with who were his patients. They were part of a larger support group that he also facilitated. He observed how much they were progressing compared to the other patients. He deduced that it was the work they were doing with me and he was curious to experience a session for himself.

At the end of our appointment he thanked me for the session and told me that it was very helpful and he understood why these clients were doing so well. Out of curiosity I asked what that reason was. He said that a one hour session in the Resonance Repatterning System, which is based on tapping into the energy field of the client for guidance, was equivalent to 6 months of the process he used as a psychiatrist! He decided it was time for him to work on himself and he became a regular client of mine for several months.

When I first met Chloe, I had been a burned-out social worker, a high school English teacher, a casting director and promotional marketer. It was time for a change so I relocated to Arizona and within the first three months I met three people who asked if I knew Chloe. I got the message and looked her up! The rest they say is history or fate or destiny...

Chloe told me when we met more than 25 years ago:"You know how to help people find the source of their problems. What you need to learn is how to help them change the energy field that is holding their problems". This is similar to Einstein's famous quote: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". I immediately began to study Chloe’s system in 1991 and have been a Resonance Repatterning practitioner and teacher ever since.

I teach the Resonance Repatterning system because it gives people hope. I can see when they need support in their lives and I tailor every step of the training to their way of learning. I see the spark in their eyes when they get their first taste of self-transformation and begin to understand the inner power they have to change their own lives.

I am thrilled to offer healing professionals who take this training a process that actually helps their clients identify the real problem; change the energy field holding it and have a tangible benchmark for measuring that change.

I believe a good teacher has compassion for what people are going through in their lives and encourages them to find their solutions within.

And…I love to tell stories of hope and change…of people on the journey from feeling stuck and hopeless to achieving new states of inner confidence, joy and wholeness!”

I live in Scottsdale Arizona with my dog Brody who loves Resonance Repatterning too!

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