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Where is life sending you a signal to change?

Signs that you are ready for internal changes occur all the time when things don't work out as expected in your job or career, relationships, family dynamics or health. Often they show up as a familiar pattern that you recognize and feel helpless to change. Are you reading the signs or ignoring them no matter how much it hurts? Would you like to have more clarity, peace, joy and success instead?

"I feel like I have a bliss machine inside my heart and happiness keeps bubbling up all day long. I know I was really ready to work on myself and you are so skilled at your work. We made a good team. After each session I noticed a tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders. One of the first sessions we worked on weight. I tried for years to do it on my own but I would get so hungry. I couldn't diet. I thought about food all the time. I also hated exercise. After my session on reaching my set point my appetite totally changed. I didn't think about food all the time and my appetite was much smaller. I actually forgot to eat lunch the next day! I'm fast walking about five times a week and the weight is coming off. My doctor was very happy with my blood work. Ardis. you always get to the root of the problem. Thank you for all that you have done." Judy Samoloff, Scottsdale AZ

Consultations with Ardis Ozborn

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