Welcome to MY COURSES

...your hub for finding the home room for seminars you are currently enrolled in.  We are still moving recent seminars over to this site.  You will be emailed when your recent seminar is uploaded. 

We open a 'classroom' or set of private web pages for every seminar we offer. Your classroom pages will archive the audio and other media links, provide resources, the access details for the class as well as a discussion board where the assignments are posted and questions in between classes are answered.

Each seminar will open prior to the start of the seminar and remain 'in session' for up to 6 months after the seminar class dates.

Your courses are also listed under the MY COURSES drop down menu when you are logged into the site.  IF your course is not listed you are unable to reach the page, please contact online coordinator Carolyn Winter.   Going forward here are the recent and up-coming seminars with access:


Living In Tune Series - Main Page 

Basic Training Series May 18, 2021

Advanced Seminars

Webinars and Group Sessions 

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