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Chloe Wordsworth will be teaching an updated version of New Vision titled: "Your Vision Through Movement, Memory and Light" May 15, 22 & June 5,12,19,26, 2019

The learning environment...

          Repatternings are    demonstrated in 6 classes of 3.5 hrs in May and June, 2019

  • You have the opportunity to be a client or be proxied into all sessions with Chloe
  • learn in our interactive seminar experience online! 
  • meet other students and exchange sessions
  • ask and answer questions in the discussion forums 
  • access the recordings and online class space for up to 12 months. 

Learn Online - Interactive . Webinar

Venue - this seminar is hosted as a live interactive event with Chloe Wordsworth using video conferencing services of zoom.us (free to you) 

Dates of class: May 15,22;June 5,12,19,26. 2019

Time: Classroom 'doors' open at 11:30am Eastern; Class begins at 12- noon to 3:30pm Eastern

Recordings Audio recording provided the next day 

Seminar Resources - Recordings, related downloads, discussion forum available in the private classroom space online

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Available to advanced studies members only.

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Seminar Description


Your Vision Through Movement, memory and Light is an advanced seminar that introduces the three principles of light, movement and memory images, which transform how we see on all levels.

The Principle of Light is a law that describes how we absorb and radiate light, or photons. Light provides the primary nutrient for the brain, eyes and whole body. When you experience unresolved tension, shock and trauma, your eye muscles constrict, which distorts how your eyes take in light. As a result your entire system is deprived of light energy. You learn repatternings to begin the process of transforming unconscious vision patterns relating to light which changes how you see yourself, others and the world.

The Principle of Movement is what makes it possible for the eyes and brain to absorb light photons. A powerful and joyful Repatterning supports this process.  

The Principle of Memory Images describes how memory imprints act as a filter that determines what we see in the present. Memory images are held in the mind by highly charged emotions. Through these Repatternings you begin to experience how the mind can transform your past perceptions, thereby changing what you experience in the present and future. 

In this seminar we will focus on several categories of repatternings and areas of stress and how it affects our vision. As we release tension in the eyes we let in more light and see better; Inner Light and our vision connects us to the truth of who we are; Conflict and our vision helps us understand the high cost of unresolved conflicts; Visual Acuity helps us understand why we don't see clearly; Pain and our Vision highlights how restrictions in our body impair our ability to see; Laughter and how it releases tension to help our vision -- along with Repatternings for Movement to increase our light, How our Memory Imprints affect what we see and Endorphin Stress  and how releasing neurotransmitters can improve our vision.

**If you cannot attend all the sessions because of time constraints, you can always proxy in to the sessions and then access the audio later in your own time.

DATES: May 15,22; June 5,12,19,26 (*No class on May 29th)

Time:  Noon Eastern - 3:30 pm (3.5 hrs)

Venue:  Video Conferencing using zoom.us (free to participating students) 


PRE-REQUISITE:  Completion of the Five Element Meridian course. 



  • Newer computer(not older than 3 years) XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Note:  Windows 8 RT for surface tablet is not supported)

     Mac OS X 10.6 and above

  • Webcam preferably an external Logitec Pro series

  • Cable or Fibre Optic internet connection that operates at a speed of at least 2 Mbps or higher.  You may need a connection that operates faster than this for un-interrupted broadcast.


Your Vision Through Movement, Memory and Light

Taught by Chloe Wordsworth


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