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Practitioner Certification

When does it start?  - After completing the Basic Series training, the Repatterning Practitioners Association certification program provides a structure to gain competence in the process,  and confidence in your skill as a practitioner.   Join the association at any time as an Associate or Student  member to become part of the community during your training.  At the completion of the Five Elements and Meridians course upgrade your membership to Student Practitioner to join the Certification program.  Completing the certification program requirements helps you to gain competence in the process and confidence as a practitioner.   Stand among peers as a  Certified Practitioner on their public listing page

It is recommended that you begin the certification program soon after completing the basic training. All of your sessions then begin to ‘count’ towards your certification requirements. Schedule the first of 3 required observations by an RPA designated observer within a few months of starting to receive positive feedback for integration in your process.

Designated Observer Sessions - As a licensed teacher and RPA Designated Observer I have been working with students to support their certification process since 1995. I offer the following online options to anyone interested in the certification journey. I feel there is great value in becoming part of a certification group. When you watch another student demonstrating a session you benefit from the feedback I offer them and this gives you more feedback overall to integrate. You also get a fair comparison in terms of how you give sessions rather than only seeing a teacher, who is more experienced, demonstrating

Contact Ardis Ozborn for enrollment in her certification coaching group.

Ardis Ozborn


Deep appreciation and gratitude to Ardis Ozborn and her Certification Class, which meets twice a month. It was best experience I could have asked for. Participants demonstrate repatternings and more, showcasing our classwork as well as what we learned from each other. We grew together as a team, and gained confidence. Ardis was extremely supportive of our process. She provided praise as well as helpful and constructive suggestions on how to improve our work and in the process, become better practitioners. She was available for my questions and completely put my mind at ease regarding the filing of paperwork with the Certifiction Committee.

If you are a student practitioner and wish to become certified, I highly recommend Ardis' Certification Class. I believe you will gain much, as I have, and be a better practitioner for it. Susan Pie'


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Certification by the Repatterning Practitioners Association 

The Repatterning Practitioners Association is a not for profit 501c6 Trade Association that offers a 3rd party certification program and membership support to practice repatterning. 

How To become a Certified Member of the Repatterning Practitioners Association 

Steps to Certification

  1. Join as a  Student Practitioner with completion of the Basic Training Series. You are automatically enrolled in the certification program with membership at the Student Practitioner level.  

  2. When approved as a Student Practitioner Member, download the Certification Manual and review all requirements and complete the requirements at your own pace.  

  3. Make use of the Association programs for support - practice groups, mentor, discussion boards etc. 

  4. Complete the requirements  and obtain a recommendation for certification from a Designated Observer (Ardis Osborn has this designation) .

  5. Submit a recommendation for certification by a designated observer for review and approval by the RPA Certification Committee

For more information or to join visit their website page for Get Certified.  For assistance contact the Repatterning Practitioners Association administrator at 

Join the Community! 

Join the Repatterning Practitioners Association

Join an association that understands you and supports you in becoming a practitioner. The world needs your services - make sure you belong to your own community of support. You are welcome here!

There are four categories of membership, each with greater access to our programs and benefits.

  • Associate members  
  • Student Members 
  • Student Practitioners .
  • Certified Members  


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