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Steps to Becoming a Practitioner

Ready to learn the Resonance Repatterning system?   Our Basic training series is the formal starting point for becoming a practitioner of this work.  The series is offered once or twice per year - please don't wait to make the decision to join.  However, if you are new to this body of work, or at a different timeline for your plans we have many other options to get you started and keep you involved in learning and transformation.   Below you will find the stages of commitment and learning to become a practitioner.  Please contact us at anytime if you have questions on how this program fits with your career path.  Contact the teacher Ardis Ozborn. 

Get Started at Any time..-

Experience the Resonance Repatterning system - arrange for personal sessions for yourself or participate in group sessions available here or from other practitioners.  Find out more about the Resonance Repatterning system with our mini courses

Enroll in the Basic Training of 5 Seminars Plus Practice -

Enroll in the Basic Training of 5 seminars. Licensed teacher Ardis Ozborn teaches this training online via the video conferencing services of in 23 half day classes of 3.5 hours each as well as addition class practice sessions . Students are also assigned practice sessions with each other in between classes.  The schedule varies but provides for integration and practice time between seminars.  REGISTER HERE

Invest in Spiral Up Options as needed -

your enrollment in the Basic Training program includes all of the seminar books including the Manada and the Spiral Up Options book of healing exercises.  The Resonance Repatterning Institute store also sells a number of training videos and 'Home Studies' (not the training program) to supplement your understanding as well as Sound, Color and Light options to use with sessions.  Our basic training program does not require any of the addition materials.  Please acquire these as you are able or ready to integrate into your practice. 

Set up Your Repatterning Practice 

Start facilitating sessions for  clients  when your training is completed and you are in the  certification intern/candidate phase of practitioner development.  Take our Tech Savvy Practitioner webinar to help you get started. (link is coming) 

Join the RPA and Get Certified - Gain Competence and Confidence in the Process

With the completion of the final seminar, the student is now eligible to join the Repatterning Practitioners Association Certification program.   This is a self-paced program of requirements including observations to be completed that supports the development and competency of practitioners.

You may join the Repatterning Practitioners Association at anytime at the entry  Association or Student level and join in community activities.   Membership Information 

Deepen Your Knowledge with Advanced Seminar Training

There are a number of advanced seminars offered by Chloe Wordsworth that deepen your  understanding of the energy healing process and provide you with many more repatterning topics and healing options.  For information on all of these seminars and the next scheduled date continue reading here.... 

Become a Life Long Learner with CONTINUED TRAINING for  RETAKERS

Repatterning practitioners are inspired by growth and learning is a life long commitment for them.  The learning material of the Resonance Repatterning system is so deep and rich that we recommend retakes of all seminars whenever possible.  We offer RETAKERS of seminars reduced rates where possible.  Retakers - join this site as an Advanced Studies  member then login to view all options here

Become an Active Part of the Repatterning Community... 

Join and engage in the activities of the Repatterning Practitioners Association as a member ,  volunteer and evolve your leadership skills among peers.  Meet your tribe of like minded colleagues and participate in programs of mutual support.   Explore and engage in opportunities to inform and educate the public about our work.  For example you may wish to join other practitioners and write articles of interest for The Repatterning Journal (an informal blog) or  facilitate World Peace Hologram group sessions 

Discover More...

The next Training Begins May 18, 2021. Join today and get started with the pre-class training material. 


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