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1. Our Getting Started Options help you to experience Resonance Repatterning through sessions, online content or through introductory webinars 
2. The Basic Training Series  option if you would like to become a  Resonance Repatterning practitioner or add to your current healing knowledge base. Our Basic Training Series is offered to our student members.  Completion of this training is a pre-requisite for Advanced Studies options 
3. Advanced Studies - We offer all of the Advanced studies seminars to graduates of the Basic training.   Graduates of Advanced studies are also offered Retaker options. 

HOW TO REGISTER:  To register for classes and access our online private classrooms, first join as a member.  Membership includes premium content such as events, webinars, and downloads for a reduced rate or free. 

Select your training option, or seminar and proceed to the check-out.  Once your order is process you will receive further instructions to access your classroom and materials.  Scroll down to browse through all of our training options. 

The Classroom Platform - Live Online training is hosted via video conferencing using the conferencing services of (free to you).

Times for Classes - Classes are typically held weekdays at Noon to 3:30pm Eastern. In other time zones this is: [9:00am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 11:00am Central, 12-Noon Eastern and 5:00pm in London].   We observe Eastern Daylight Savings time changes throughout the year.

The Classroom includes: 

  • Private Audio recordings of classes online along with some video options.
  • Private class discussion boards
  • Related materials and downloads
  • A Private Class student directory

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  • LIVING IN TUNE LIVE OR WEBINAR with Chloe Wordsworth


The next training series begins May 18 through August 21,2021.  

Find out all the details for our Practitioner Training program.   Enroll as a student member and register for the next series.

Become a Practitioner

Get Certified - Start the Certification process soon after or continue with Advanced Seminars. 

Practitioner Certification


Graduates of Basic Training and Retakers of Advanced Classes - continue your studies in Resonance Repatterning once you have completed the prerequisite “Transforming Five Element and Meridian Patterns”. Join as a member applying for Advanced Studies. Once your membership is approved enroll in any of the upcoming advanced seminars. These include:

 - The Principles of Relationship

 - The Energetics of Relationship

 - Your Vision Through    Movement, LIght and Joy 

- Inner Cultivation Through the 12 Meridians and 5 Essences

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