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The Gail Glanville Series on Marketing  for Holistic Professionals 

Take the woo-woo out of promoting your invisible, intangible energy practice! Learn what to say and what not to say; then get “on” for presenting yourself and all your strengths. 

Scroll down for the series of 3 learning sessions with practitioner and writer Gail Glanville, who presents updated tips from the world’s best copywriters to help you, your practice and your website stand out! And then delivers a customized Repatterning session on overcoming hidden resistance to promoting yourself.


Session 1. Recorded April 9, 2014  HOW TO DELIVER A “CAN’T FAIL” ELEVATOR SPEECH
You know why Elevator Speeches are so daunting for most holistic practitioners? Because too often we start with “I’m a (fill in the blank)”, and then get stuck trying to explain the process or the science or our history. What you’ll learn in this seminar is a foolproof place to start, where you identify your audience and the problem they have first, and then flow easily into the solution and benefits you offer. Once you know the simple 4-step formula for creating a great Elevator Speech, you’ll never again be at a loss for effective words when someone asks, “What do you do?”

Extended Version

How to Write a Better About Page

Session 2. April 23, 2014  HOW TO BUILD A BETTER “ABOUT” PAGE  - Did you know that the single most visited page on your website is the one that’s all about you? It’s the page that most of us who are self-employed have the most difficulty writing.  And for sensitive energy healers, writing about yourself in a compelling, even bragging, way can be agonizing. Yes, showing up to serve others with care and compassion is often our unspoken goal, but it helps to know who those “others” are, what problem do they have that you alone can solve, and what makes you the ideal person to help them solve it. A better bio helps you speak your goals out loud, in a voice that attracts your best clients. Join us to take the agony out of self-promotion and take home 4 essential “don’t hold back” tips for creating an About page that lifts you and your service above the ordinary. 

Own the Podium ... More from Gail Glanville + Repatterning


Have you ever gone “tilt” when you first see yourself in print? Or panic when you have to speak about your work in front of a crowd? No matter how skilled you may be in other arenas, it’s not surprising that energy workers struggle when it comes to putting themselves out there in public. Gail Glanville has created a special Repatterning to complete this Bonus series. Join us to clear the ancient, deeply held patterns, like “not good enough” beliefs and holding-back behaviors, which stop the growth of your practice. This Repatterning goal: align with the new energy of attracting the attention you want, of delivering a heart-moving elevator speech, of standing with delight behind an “About” page that sizzles with your own uniquely appealing energy---of owning the podium by setting free your natural gifts and talents (without a trace of woo-woo)!


Gail Glanville is a leading Resonance Repatterning practitioner who, for nearly 20 years, has helped clients from Taiwan to France, from Australia to New England, step into the fullness of their talents. Today she specializes in helping women lift depression, end “not good enough” thinking and escape emotional eating. 

Gail was a founding Board member of the Repatterning Practitioner’s Association and is a 2011 inductee into the RPA Hall of Fame. She also served as the Interim Director of the Resonance Repatterning Institute. With the founder, Chloe Faith Wordsworth, she co-authored the book about Resonance Repatterning, Quantum Change Made Easy.  

In addition to her Repatterning practice, Gail has a background in marketing, copywriting and small business ownership. She enjoys helping practitioners develop their marketing messages and website content. She also enjoys writing new Repatterning books including Food Repatterning & Sacred Relationships, Goldilocks Repatternings and Nun Karma Repatterning.


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