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    • 21 Dec 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)
    • online via video conferencing

    In this series of 5 group sessions participants set an overall goal or intention for the year. We'll support our intentions with the 5 'seasonal' repatterning sessions based on the 5 elements energy theory. When we are in synch with nature, we naturally take those actions that support our intentions and let go of those things that hold us back or do not work for us. We transition through each season with ease and access the primary qualities of the season to support our goals.

    Begins December 21.with the Water Element Season

    Revisit the sessions via the video recordings.  

    Session Include an opportunity to submit your intentions in advance of the session,  attend the live event or access the video afterwards.  

    Become aware of the qualities activated within you as the seasons move through the year.  Experience how seasonal energy supports your goal.  

    December 21st Water Element Seasonal Qualities for  perseverance, ambiion flow, adaptability, clear thought, reserves, courage, boundaries, responsiveness, 

    March 20th - for Wood Element seasonal qualities of new beginnings, vision, sense of direction, planning potential and identity

    June 21st - for Fire Element Seasonal qualities of joy, warmth, intimacy, compassion, sorting out, relationships, and open-heartedness

    August 22nd for Earth Element Seasonal qualities of self-nurturance, groundedness, home, reaping the haravest, security, natural cycles and centering.

    September 23rd for Metal Element Seasonal qualities  of quality, value, respect, inspiration, clear intellect, Fathering letting go, money, acknowledgment, appreciation and truth.

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     26 Ways to support those New Year's Resolutions!  - We call it the 26/52 Challenge!  Are you in? 

    This holiday season set your overall resolutions for 2019. Take one small action (sign up for this January 4th event) and make a big heart felt  commitment to yourself to do 1 repatterning of the basic 26 repatternings (Primary Patterns through Meridians) every 2 weeks for a total of 26 repatternings.  

    We know intentions  manifest once we align our resonance and stream our energy coherently.  We also know as practitioners we sometimes settle on a handful of our favorite repatternings and under-utilize the entire range of options available to us to facilitate the extraordinary.   By joining the 26/52 Challenge, you will not only support  your resolutions but also deepen your practitioner skills.  And of course there is the added bonus of doing this program as a group and benefiting from the amplified entrained energy. 

    For student practitioners  meeting certification requirements this program will help you stay on a track of completions. 

    For those of you who have not learned the process but receiving session - this may inspire you with new layers of patterns you are ready to explore in your sessions. 

    Join me on January 4th where I will  explain the program, answer questions and do a Commitment repatterning to get us launched.  

    Please consider joining our 26/52 Challenge for 2019!


    • 13 Jan 2019
    • 7:00 PM
    • online using video conferencing

    What is the secret to attracting a great relationship?

    What keeps relationship healthy, energizing and mutually supportive over time?   

    We have an advanced Resonance Repatterning course for that!! - The Principles of Relationship. 

    Find out more about this training and experience a repatterning session with Ardis Ozborn using a repatterning from this body of work. 

    Ardis will give an over-view of the course content, and discuss it in terms of a very prevalent situation that many clients bring to practitioner sessions or for practitioners -  How to attract a committed relationship.  

    She will then demonstrate a repatterning from the Principles of Relationship  with a volunteer client - a session that everyone is welcomed to proxy into for themselves.

    The Principles of Relationship Seminar is an Advanced Study requiring the completion of the Five Elements and Meridians course.  It will be offered online with Chloe Wordsworth beginning January 29th.   This introductory event will give you a sampling of what to expect. 

    Everyone is welcomed to attend this event either to discover more about the training or to experience a session.  

    If you are a practitioner and would like to volunteer in advance to be the client for the demonstration session please read the Invite Post by Ardis and reply online

    We invite you to join us January 9th for this event.

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