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What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning is about bringing our out-of-synch frequencies back into sync so we resonate with what is positive and life-giving.

Resonating with the Energy of Life 

Everything is vibrating with the energy of life: every created thing has its own specific pulsation in which it most naturally vibrates, called its resonant frequency. Bones, teeth, eyes, an oak tree or daffodil, successful business or loving relationship - all have their own resonant frequency, their own energetic fingerprint.

If we are not experiencing an abundance of love and joy, growth and expansion, [or we are frustrated by pain and anxiety or lack of fulfillment within ourselves and our relationships, or we have any symptom of depression or disease], these signs are telling us that we have lost our optimal frequency - that we are out of sync with the energy of life. This is what we call the spiral down state. The state of mind is always negative or non-coherent.

The spiral UP state is who we are when our body, emotions and mind are vibrating at their optimal frequency - in sync with the energy of life. This state is always positive or coherent.

The Point of Choice 

Positive change is not something outside ourself; it is inside us. The external situation is never the problem; it is our resonance with ordered and disordered frequencies that determine how we think and feel, or habits and behaviors.

Every moment in life we have a choice.

We can choose to transform our resonance with our own disordered frequencies, which manifests as any probably have-the spiral downstate.

And we can choose to bring our frequencies back into sync so we resonate with vitality, joy, optimism, self-confidence, kindness, harmony, health, positive attitude and more - the spiral up state.

Or not.

"Resonance Repatterning is about bringing out of sync frequencies back into sync so we resonate with what is positive and life giving."

The Resonance Repatterning system teaches you how to make your Point of Choice to clear the mental and emotional static  that create a life of stress, anxiety and re-activeness.

The quality of your life, down to the smallest detail, depends on whether your frequencies are in sync or out of sync and what you resonate with or don't resonate with.

Resonance Repatterning is a system that allows you to identify and change your resonance with out-of-sync frequency patterns that cause any problem you have in your life and stop you from living your intentions to the fullest.

Through Resonance Repatterning sessions you receive, or give yourself once you have attended some of the seminars; you can resonate with in-sync life-expanding frequencies to achieve your best, free yourself from your fears and live with more joy, peace of mind, love and health.”

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