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  • 2 Jul 2019 6:00 PM | Carolyn Winter

    Its been very exciting to re-launch my Tech (and Marketing) Savvy practitioner seminar over the last 5 weeks.   This is a live interactive course of study to specifically help our students become familiar and comfortable with the online tools needed to support a successful Repatterning practice.   We have just finished Module 1 as outline below. 

    The course is set up so that anyone may join at any time.  It is a body of work we will keep adding to over time, so that you become tech savvy and stay up to date with trends and new topics of interest.  Register once!   If you are one of our alumni or  students enrolled in the basic series - this course is complimentary.  Go to the MY COURSES section of the site to access it. 

    My thanks to everyone for participating, your great questions and enthusiasm.  


    Online Coordinator at 

    Here is a summary of what we have covered so far.  Students are encouraged to read the instructor notes provided with each unit, do the assignments and /or watch the class videos.  Students in particular are invited to comment on your experience of the class below (do you remember why?)  :) .   


    TS Unit 1 - THE JOURNEY BEGINS - Vision, Purpose/Goals Intention and a repatterning; What is your overall TS Intention? Revisit this unit to see how your overall intention is manifesting or changing.

    - watch the Gail Glanville series 
    - start writing up your bio

    - how you show up on the screen IS a healing modality
    - practice using all the features of zoom

    - Start building your online presence
    - download the 'Web Strategy Planning Template' and start filling it in
    - make comments on the sites listed as a easy way to get started

    - is your mindset getting in the way of becoming Tech Savvy?
    - find out about the power of cultivating a growth mindset
    - follow along with the repatterning for a growth mindset
    - discover a few ways to cultivate a tech savvy sensibility 

    Not Registered Yet?  Register here and start any time.  Get caught up with the recording archives for Module 1.  Module 2 (TBA) will start in August. 

  • 29 May 2019 1:23 PM | Ardis Ozborn (Administrator)

    In the resonance repatterning system we use muscle checking to determine what the body needs or what the body is resonating with. We deliberately use the term muscle checking because it’s very neutral. We are simply checking in with the body and asking for direction. Other practitioners prefer the term muscle testing. That is often found in a more medical setting like a chiropractor, naturopathic physician, homeopathic physician, or other more medical models.

    Can you remember being in grade school and having your teacher announce “get ready for your test”? Does your body still constrict when you hear that word “test”? What if the teacher said “I would like you to answer some questions for me so I can check in with you and make sure you’re clear about the material we covered this week”. Do you think that would have felt better? That’s energetically the difference between the word test and check in my opinion. Test tends to create an anxious response. Check is a touchstone. It tells us where we are at this moment without judgment.

    What is muscle checking? It is applied kinesiology which has been a reliable biofeedback mechanism for decades. Our bodies continually respond to the smallest of signals from the outside environment and from the inside environment of our thoughts, feelings and body chemistry. The autonomic nervous system has two branches. The sympathetic nervous system referred to as SNS. The parasympathetic nervous system referred to as PNS. The SNS speeds things up so we get ready to go into action. The PNS slows things down and allows us to relax and bond. This creates the perfect balance within. The autonomic nervous system controls about 90% of our bodies functions: breathing, heartbeat, digestion and all the millions of cellular responses that keep us alive and healthy.

    Our muscles,approximately 600 of them, are also controlled mostly by our autonomic nervous system. Muscles are binary. They can only give two responses; they either tense up or relax. That makes muscle checking very reliable. With practice muscle checking is the key that opens the resonance repatterning system.

    When we touch a hot plate we instantly take our hand off that hot plate before we have time to think about it consciously. This automatic reflex prevents us from harm. This is one way we are wired for success and survival. Our autonomic nervous system lets us know what will support our survival and what does not. Our muscles respond so we can take appropriate action.

    When we muscle check ourselves or another we are asking the system to tell us where we’re at. Are we handling stress? Are we relaxing once the stress is over? If our muscle checking tells us we are not handling stress and we are not relaxing once the stress is over; it can also tell us what we can do to change that pattern. There are 127 options available in our system!


  • 25 May 2019 3:41 PM | Carolyn Winter

    Resonance repatterning is like a GPS system that helps you find the invisible blocks holding you back.

  • 25 May 2019 1:48 PM | Carolyn Winter

    (Updated and Reprinted from Feb 2013 at Journeys with Oz) .

    What was the last new alternative training you studied in your quest for serving clients better? There are so many interesting and effective alternative healing systems out there today from hands on systems such as Jin Shin, massage, or acupressure to crystal healing, aroma therapy, energy matrix and more. Chloe Wordsworth herself studied many systems of healing in the past 30 years in her quest to find the ultimate combination. On the one hand you may feel, you don’t need yet another system but perhaps like her you have found that not all healing systems work well for all clients or their situations. Indeed it is rare to find one that adapts to all clients and all situations for a custom fit.

    What is the best tool to use for your client today and how do you know? If you have many training certificates on your wall, you may find that clients come for sessions for one or more of your specialties or have no idea what they need. How do you help them decide? It can be a huge responsibility that if taken on actually dis-empowers the client. Finding the best modality may make the difference not only to their immediate healing needs but your longer term relationship for helping them with a variety of situations.

    Especially for new healers knowing where to go next in a session or what tools to most appropriately select in your practice of serving clients is where you may lose confidence in your ability to serve well. This is one place where Resonance Repatterning can help you.

    With resonance repatterning, if you master the muscle checking technique taught in the Basic 6 Resonance Repatterning courses and can follow instructions, you will gain a system of healing that allows you to throw away the need to know, to be right or have to guess about the best next step for your client. Most importantly, all of your other tools can be incorporated in your basic practitioner energy map called the mandala. What you bring to a resonance repattening session will be as rich as the totality of the systems you have studied. Nothing is lost or set aside.

    What is remarkable is that no matter the depth of your studies, you can have an MBA and be a certified account as my colleague Ellen Shapiro does, be massage therapist or energy psychologist, and still obtain perfect and extraordinary results – as rich as what you know and strangely independent of what you know.

    The essential difference is with a Resonance Repatterning session you always get perfect results because the client’s energy system is in charge. Muscle checking on yourself on behalf of the client involves an entrainment of energy between client and practitioner where the client’s system of energy is reading and informing the practitioner’s system. Both energy fields are determining the direction for the session. What are the best repatternings? What modalities within this practitioners background should we access? All is revealed with the practitioner muscle checking response.

    For me as a practitioner the experience of where to go next in a session is often surprising and sometimes downright mystical. For all of my training and decades of experience in social service, alternative healing and business, my wisdom is rarely needed as the system draws out the resources within the client that will help them shift. Granted, I likely contribute to that discovery with the awareness in my own field, that is shared in the entrainment process. The sessions are customized to the client, the amount of time available and in my personal experience often anticipates a next event in the life of the client creating positive results for them. It is amazing.

    Interested in learning if Resonance Repatterning is for you? Visit our new set of explanatory web pages to...

    Discover More...

    Practitioners how are you combining your other training with Resonance Repatterning? Your comments and insights are welcomed.

    With light and love

    Carolyn Winter
    Online Coordinator at

    The next Training Begins June 4th 2019.
    Join today and get started with the pre-class training material. 


  • 25 May 2019 1:33 PM | Carolyn Winter

    Updated from the original Journeys With Oz post published July 1, 2013 by Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

    I have a secret tip for you to exponentially  improve your skills and abilities with online tools.

    In one of my sideline coaching activities I coach healers and artsy types to use online tools.  Specifically, I  help the 40+ age group to overcome any fear or  inadequacies they may have using online internet tools and learning to maintain their own online presence.

    My process is gentle and developmental – after all my background and first career was in Early Childhood Education.  We take things in stages.   The journey starts where the client is today and if that means finding the “ON” button for the computer -that is where we start.  For anyone learning something new the journey continues to the building blocks of getting an account, what to put in those boxes, how to make the most out of tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc.  Learning how to do what you have been wanting to learn forever on the internet can be very gratifying.  At the same time I have noticed that clients can get over-whelmed learning so many new things in a short space of time.

    Has your your heart has just skipped a beat?  Then this is for you!

    If you are a repatterning practitioner, of course you can always do the Integration For Growth repatterning.  It is a great repatterning to stop yourself from spiraling to your old way of being.

    However a  journaling affirmation I have used for quite some time can help your learning immensely.

    At the end of a session of learning something new, when your grey cells feel taxed,

     simply declare out loud “I fully and completely integrate all the new things I just learned.”   Really ground this affirmation by writing it out at the end of the day and saying a few statements of gratitude to yourself.  Actively appreciate yourself for what you have learned.

    If you are negotiating your way around web tools you can also add on to your declaration of new learning…..


    With love and light

    p.s.: Ardis here. I can personally testify to the gentleness and clarity of Carolyn’s coaching. She has taken me from kindergarten to grad school is a very short time! Go for it: once you get “round the bend” you will never look back. See you on the internet!

    Join Carolyn Winter in the recently re-launched
    "Tech (and Marketing) Savvy Practitioner. (included in the Basic Training Series Registration)

  • 27 Apr 2019 11:22 AM | Ardis Ozborn (Administrator)

    Your Vision Through Movement Memory and Light.

    We are so excited to offer this advanced online class:  Movement Through Memory Vision and Light. Chloe will be teaching this transformational seminar helping us to understand the enormous impact of stress on our systems.

    Many students have transformed their vision with these powerful repatternings. We look at the impact of stress and the reduction of the amount of light that comes into our eyes when those muscles tense up. We stop seeing clearly and our movements become restricted because the brain is not flooding with light. When we release tension through many new spiral up options we attract more light into our system. Our vision improves literally and figuratively.

    Chloe will be demonstrating many new repatternings. We more easily connect to our Inner Light. Conflicts are reduced when we begin to see different points of view. Pain diminishes as we are able to move more comfortably and Laughter becomes more natural. In addition we look at repatternings for our Memory Imprints and the role play in our vision.

    Chloe will be teaching in the Ozardis classroom May 15-June 26 on Wednesdays from 12-3:30 P.M. (est). There will not be a class on May 29th. If you are unable to attend all the classes you are welcome to listen to the recordings.

    I will "SEE" you there! Ardis

  • 17 Apr 2019 11:54 AM | Ardis Ozborn (Administrator)

    "We are, finally all wanderers in search of knowledge. Most of us hold the dream of becoming something better than we are,something larger, richer, in some way more important to the world and ourselves. Too often, the way taken is the wrong way, with too much emphasis on what we want to have, rather than what we wish to become." Louis L"Amour

    This quote speaks to me...I have focused so much on building my career, my home, my family; doing something concrete with my life that I  wonder if I have been taking the wrong way at times rather than making inner reflection a priority. 

    If you are at a crossroad in your life and need to revisit your life purpose and create a New Vision for yourself please join us for the upcoming Vision class with Chloe starting May 15th.

    The new book should be available on Amazon the first week of May. Chloe has made radical improvements to the book. If you are a retaker you can enjoy the seminar with your existing book but it will not contain the new information and all the edits that have been made so I would encourage retakers to purchase it.

    Spring is our energetic time for new beginnings...What a wonderful time to offer this seminar. I hope to see you there. Ardis

  • 29 Mar 2019 6:53 PM | Ardis Ozborn (Administrator)


    "Your Vision Through
    Movement, Memory and Light"

    If you have completed the basic series through Five Element/Meridians you are eligible for this seminar. Have you taken the New Vision Seminar previously? If so, then you are in for a treat, because Chloe has REVISED it! After teaching the Living in Tune Series she was inspired to revamp the books and improve the repatternings. 

    In this seminar we will focus on several categories of repatternings and areas of stress and how it affects our vision. As we release tension in the eyes we let in more light and see better; Inner Light and our Vision connects us to the truth of who we are; Conflict and our Vision helps us understand the high cost of unresolved conflicts; Visual Acuity helps us understand why we don't see clearly; Pain and our Vision highlights how restrictions in our body impair our ability to see; Laughter and how it releases tension to help our vision -- along with Repatternings for Movement to increase our light. How our Memory Imprints affect what we see and Endorphin Stress Response  and how releasing neurotransmitters can improve our vision.

    When I took the New Vision Class the first time Chloe had us remove our glasses and contacts the entire time. I found myself feeling frustrated and at times angry because I couldn't "see". After the class I found myself removing my glasses most of the time. I felt more relaxed and peaceful without them on and my acuity improved too.

    I remember a student who had very thick lenses. She had been told she was legally blind. During the seminar she struggled because she couldn't "see". After the class she returned home and noticed great improvements in her acuity. She attended a family gathering and chose not to wear her glasses. Her family didn't recognize her initially and spent the evening telling her how she didn't look like herself without her signature glasses. She reflected on the connection between how her family "saw" her and her belief that without her glasses she could not "see"...She continued to make wonderful improvements in her vision.

    New students and retakers are encouraged to register for this seminar. Chloe has not offered the Vision course in the USA for many years and it is not scheduled again in the near future. Please don't miss this informative and enlightening experience!


    **If you cannot attend all the sessions because of time constraints, you can always proxy in to the sessions and then access the audio later in your own time.

    DATES: May 15,22; June 5,12,19,26
    (*No class on May 29th)

    Click Here For More Information and to Register 

  • 15 Mar 2019 9:00 AM | Carolyn Winter

    Last year we were over the moon with Chloe's new book/seminar series Living in Tune. There are 3 books

    • -Living in Tune with Your Light
    • -Living in Tune with Your Heart
    • -Living in Tune with Your Life

    Central to these the repatternings in this seminar series is the power of stories in helping us identify our patterns, our growing edge and to become present to our next step forward. All are inspirational.

    The books are written for access by the general public as well as long time practitioners -- though warning if you are a non practitioner you will be inspired to become one after experiencing the power of these sessions.

    For our 2018 student group, the session audio recordings are now available to you online and will remain available until December 31st 2019. Login at and then mouse over the MY COURSES tab to find the seminars you are registered for access. Please contact me ( if you have difficulty obtaining access.

    If you missed these wonderful seminars, registration remains open as a webinar with access to the audio recordings, discussion board to ask questions and the class list where we encourage students to be in touch and continue with session exchanges.

    Click here for the detailed seminar information and to register.

    Carolyn Winter

    Online Coordinator 

  • 11 Mar 2019 12:34 PM | Carolyn Winter

    Chloe will be teaching the new edition of the VISION book -- now titled: YOUR VISION THROUGH MOVEMENT, MEMORY & LIGHT.

    Come join us for this live ONLINE seminar in six weekly sessions: May 15, 22 (no class on May 29th), June 5, 12, 19, 26.

    I vividly remember my first experience of this training connecting life patterns with the physicality of my eyes.  Chloe selected me for the demonstration sessions.  What came up was all of the grief related to the loss of my dad at age 8 - held in the muscles of my eyes. The session itself was poignant but the integration surprising.    A few days later my 'lazy' left eye no longer drooped and my prescription glasses were of no use. I could not see to drive unless I took them off.   I saw the optometrist soon after - who said my glasses were the wrong prescription and that I had a weak left visual cortex not a  lazy left eye.  To this day, over 20 years later... I no longer need glasses for driving. 

    This is an advanced class open to students who have completed the Meridian and Five Elements training .   Registration opens soon.  

    Click Here for More Information 

    Carolyn Winter 

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