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Join our membership website to learn resonance Repatterning online, grow your skills with a community of like- minded students, and keep up to date with the Resonance Repatterning system.

Membership is free and provides you with access to membership content and to register for seminars.

Get Started  Membership

Join with this membership type, If you are familiar with Resonance Repatterning work and either want to learn more or are considering studying with us in the future. At this level you may enroll in the Living in Tune Live Seminars, or webinars, online events or group Repatterning sessions. 

Join at the Get Started Level

Student Membership 

Ready to start the Basic Resonance Repatterning Training leading to eligibility for certification as a practitioner? Join this membership level to enroll in the Basic Training Series, the Certification Coaching groups and to have access to online content.

There are no prerequisites for this level. Let us know your training goals and what optional training have you already completed. For example:

  • learn mc in 90 Webinar by Ardis Ozborn
  • Group proxy series with Ardis Ozborn, Carolyn Winter or other RR practitioners
  • Living in Tune live seminars or recorded webinars
  • Fundamentals
  • Primary Patterns
  • Transforming Unconscious Patterns
  • Transforming Chakra Patterns
  • Repatterning Sessions with practitioners

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Advanced Studies Level

Ready to continue with Advanced Studies of Resonance Repatterning? Whether you have completed your training with other teachers and countries, you are welcome to continue your path of training with us. 

(PreRequisite is completion of The Meridians and Five Elements Seminar

Let us know your training goals and what the Repatterning training you have already completed. For example:

  • Completion of the Transforming Five Elements and Meridians Patterns and the basic training series
  • Principles of Relationship
  • Energetics of Relationship Test
  • A New Vision
  •  Inner Cultivation

Join at the Advanced Studies Level 

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