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Build on your basic Resonance Repatterning Training with our Advanced Seminars. The “Transforming Five Elements and Meridians” seminar is the prerequisite for any of the seminars. You must be approved as an Advanced Studies Member of this site to enroll.

When you have completed any of our training courses you may retake them at a discounted fee. Retakes are encouraged to help you deepen your understanding of the material and your evolve your skills as a practitioner. 

January 2019 - Principles of Relationship  - 

Three main principles – Interdependence, Entrainment and Resonance, and Polarity help us to clear patterns and sustain a higher state of coherence in all relationship and encourage our closest relationships to soar.

Dates for The next seminar …Registration remains as webinar of the recorded February 2019 series - open for retakers only. 

Retakers may register for this
recorded series as a webinar 

Your Vision Through Movement, Memory and LIght.

– looks at the power of light, movement and our memory imprints and the effect they have on how we see.

Dates for the Seminar...May 15,22; June 5, 12, 19, 26, 2019 

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OCTOBER 2019 - Energetics of Relationship  with Resonance Repatterning

The Energetics of Relationship -In this seminar we take a closer look at the electro – magnetic nature of our bio-electric system. Learn to balance your bio-electric field and subtle energy fields and the fields of others by learning about the power of the source, the power of the inductor, the power of the capacitor and the power of the resistor.
The next seminar Dates:  October. 2 , 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20
Practice Date: October 16 with Ardis 

First time students and Retakers please
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January 2020 - Inner Cultivation through the 12 Meridians and 5 Essences

Inner Cultivation Through the 12 Meridians and 5 Essences
– a deeper dive into Repatternings based on the Five Element Acupuncture system. Learn how the meridians and elements work in harmony with each other to create wholeness, how to determine your energy constitutional type and how to access the one ideal point in any session to clear the patterns.

The next seminar Dates:Jan 22nd & 29th  Feb 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th - 2020  

Retaker Options...

Retakers options are available for all seminars.  Books and home studies are not included.  Visit Retaker Options  

The Tech (& Marketing Savvy) Practitioner

Learn how to use inexpensive online tools to manage your repatterning practice, establish your online presence and develop your services.    A combination of pre-recorded videos and live Q & A with class support is provided. Register once and be a part of all future updates.

Free for Basic Training Series Students and Grads.

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