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The learning environment...

  • 8 Repatternings are demonstrated by Chloe Wordsworth in 6 classes of 3 1/2 hours each. 
  • An opportunity to be a demonstration client or be proxied into all sessions with Chloe
  • learn in our traditional interactive seminar experience online! 
  • meet other students and exchange sessions
  • ask and answer questions between classes in the discussion forums 
  • access the recordings and online class space for up to 12 months. 

Learn Online - Interactive . Webinar

Venue - this seminar is hosted as a live interactive event with Chloe Wordsworth using video conferencing services of (free to you) 

Dates of classes:  


Recordings Audio recording provided the next day 

Seminar Resources - Recordings, related downloads, discussion forum available in the private classroom space online

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Seminar Description

LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR LIFE is the third in the Living in Tune series. Once more we invite the whole community of Resonance Repatterning practitioners, clients, friends, family and anyone else who is interested in experiencing Resonance Repatterning with the author and founder of this work. And it is a joy connecting with RR practitioners from around the world -- we really are a global community!

In six 3 1/2 hour sessions Chloe will demonstrate the Repatternings from her powerful new book -- all updated and transformed from the original Living in Tune web radio show of eight years ago.

Chloe and the organizers have decided to offer this special Living in Tune series at a discounted price of $300 so everyone can afford to attend -- either online, or by audio during or after the live sessions.

Each chapter relates to different facets of what it means to live in tune with our life, offering inspiring true stories, fascinating information plus Repatterning processes that help us apply the information and stories in our everyday lives.

LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR HEART shares what it means to live the heart-centered life and what stops this from happening. Chloe Wordsworth explores moving and fascinating stories about people who live from the heart – and she outlines powerful Resonance Repatterning processes that provide a practical way to apply the learning illustrated by each story.

Through the stories and repatternings in LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR HEART we can discover what it means to see the heart of another and listen to the heart of another. We learn about trigger reactions to stress that disconnect us from our heart... about depression of the heart... and triangles of the heart and hope. We gain a new awareness of what heart abundance is all about and the nine principles for a joy-filled heart.

Each chapter ends with a Repatterning process based on the challenge and transformation illustrated by the story.

Recommended for self-help and inspiration for practitioners working with clients and for anybody wanting to live in tune with their heart

• All RR practitioners, no matter what level, will love these new Repatterning processes for themselves, their clients and for doing GROUP sessions
• Non-RR people can read the Repatterning Processes and receive a deeper understanding of themselves, their problems and goals.
• This book is for self-help and inspiration for all those wanting to live their life with more purpose, who need courage and upliftment when facing life’s challenges.This online seminar is open to everyone: RR practitioners, students, clients and anyone interested in experiencing Chloe demonstrating each of the eight Respatterning sessions -- and you can proxy in to each other’s sessions.

Please join us for this unique seminar and fill the screen with 100 students and practitioners and radiate our light throughout the world wide web!
• Important! Purchase your copy of the book separately.

Come join us for 6 once weekly 3.5 hour sessions where you get to experience these powerful Repatternings – proxying in to the session someone volunteers to have or experiencing the power of these Repatternings yourself – as the Founder of Resonance Repatterning, Chloe Wordsworth demonstrates each one.

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