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I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993 with my young son. Shortly after arriving I met Chloe Wordsworth. Prior to our meeting I had several different careers: social worker, family counselor, casting director, promotional marketer. Chloe introduced me to her work which has evolved over the years to become Resonance Repatterning. I was drawn to the complexity and depth of this process and have remained engaged as a seminar organizer for Chloe, practitioner, teacher and Director of teacher training. It has been a wonderful journey for me personally and the students I have taught, all over the world, have enriched my life in so many ways. My son and daughter in law have given me two precious grandsons with a third on the way. Since I teach online now I am much more available for Nana duty and I don't miss the flying...not a bit!
My Professional Goal
This work has allowed me to release patterns of limitation and pain in my life. I want to share this with everyone who is ready to transform. Teaching is my opportunity to translate a complex system clearly-giving anyone support who chooses the process of change. Whether my students become practitioners or use this process on themselves and their families my goal is to empower them. Just do it! If not now when??
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