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Our Resonant Weight

  • 1 Mar 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Online video conferencing


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Our Resonant Weight 
Repatterning  with Ardis Ozborn
March 1st at Noon Eastern

"When our weight is out of  alignment with our inner image of ourselves, we don't feel right. When we are the right weight, we feel alive and vital." (Living in Tune with your Life)

Do you remember when you were at the right weight for you?

Please join me for this session where we will look at:

-The fight/flight responses that relate to weight.

-The conflicts and non-truths in relation to weight that we resonate with.

-The five elements and how imbalances affect weight.

-The five archetypes of the Innocent Child, the Helper, the Wanderer, the Warrior and the Wise One and how this affects our weight. 

Please enroll for this group repatterning. We will be doing the session live on Friday, March 1st  at 12 noon (est)on Zoom. I will muscle check who is ready to receive this one!  There will be portions of the session where I will invite all participants to write down their own statements and they will be included as we shift the energy. All participants are invited to proxy into the session.

I look forward to releasing excess weight with you!


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