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The 26/52 New Years Resolution Challenge



 26 Ways to support those New Year's Resolutions!  - We call it the 26/52 Challenge!  Are you in? 

This holiday season set your overall resolutions for 2019. Take one small action (sign up for this January 4th event) and make a big heart felt  commitment to yourself to do 1 repatterning of the basic 26 repatternings (Primary Patterns through Meridians) every 2 weeks for a total of 26 repatternings.  

We know intentions  manifest once we align our resonance and stream our energy coherently.  We also know as practitioners we sometimes settle on a handful of our favorite repatternings and under-utilize the entire range of options available to us to facilitate the extraordinary.   By joining the 26/52 Challenge, you will not only support  your resolutions but also deepen your practitioner skills.  And of course there is the added bonus of doing this program as a group and benefiting from the amplified entrained energy. 

For student practitioners  meeting certification requirements this program will help you stay on a track of completions. 

For those of you who have not learned the process but receiving session - this may inspire you with new layers of patterns you are ready to explore in your sessions. 

Join me on January 4th where I will  explain the program, answer questions and do a Commitment repatterning to get us launched.  

Please consider joining our 26/52 Challenge for 2019!


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