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  • Inner Cultivation through the 12 Meridians and 5 Essences Online with Chloe Wordsworth

Inner Cultivation through the 12 Meridians and 5 Essences Online with Chloe Wordsworth

  • 22 Jan 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • 26 Feb 2020
  • 3:30 PM
  • Onine using Video Conferencing app Zoom


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Begins January 22, 2020 
Inner Cultivation through the 12 Meridians and 5 Essences ...Online with Chloe Wordsworth

The next seminar Dates:Jan 22nd & 29th  Feb 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th - 2020

Take a deeper dive into Repatternings based on the Five Element Acupuncture system. Learn how the meridians and elements work in harmony with each other to create wholeness, how to determine your energy constitutional type and how to access the one ideal point in any session to clear the patterns.

This seminar  gives you an in-depth understanding of the 5 Element system of Chinese Acupuncture - using color and light on Acupuncture points in relation to twelve Meridian Repatternings.

This seminar involves the inner work towards manifesting and living the Five Essences:

  • The Shen Essence of consciousness enables you to know and follow the truth of your heart.
  • The Zhi Essence of your Will leads to an unperturbed mind. The Will enables you to conserve your resources and direct them in actions that help you manifest your inner potential.
  • The Hun Essence governs your evolution and growth. It gives you an elevated perspective and the capacity to access the overall plan for your life that is stored in your depths.
  • The Po Essence is associated with peace the inner tranquility that comes when you accept every situation as part of your life purpose.
  • The Yi Essence makes it possible for you to extract nourishment from all sources (whether from food, ideas, relationships or life experiences) and to live with integrity. Integrity provides you with the inner nourishment you need by aligning your words, thoughts and actions w
Inner Cultivation aims to balance the five disturbed emotions and your Five Essences through the 12 Meridian Repatternings, Mandel acupuncture point sequences, specific acupuncture points (using color and light) and the five Indian Mudras associated with each of the Essences.

The next seminar Dates:
Jan 22nd & 29th  Feb 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th - 2020

Time: Noon to 3:30pm Eastern
Other time zones beginning: [9:00am Pacific | 10:00am Mountain | 11:00am Central | Noon Eastern]

We are pleased to offer this advanced seminar with Chloe Wordsworth in our online classroom. First time students or retakers in the classroom have access to Chloe for questions and participating in demonstration sessions with her.


  • Completion of the Five Elements & Meridians Course and Membership at at the advanced studies level
  • Completion of the The Inner Cultivation Home Study is essential
    (purchased separately at RRI) for new students.
  • The color filter torch is very helpful. (AVAILABLE AT THE RRI ESTORE) .  The Chakra tuning forks are optional.  An OM tuning fork is recommended.
  • Access to a laptop or other devise that can hold a conference call.  (the zoom class link is free to participants) 


  • The Seminar fee for new students includes the related book (Shipping is extra) 
  • Retakers books are purchased separately online at www. 

Online Home Room:  Registration includes access to the Inner cultivation online home room which includes the class list page, discussion board and archive or class recordings.  Remains open until December 31st 2020 


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