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Time to Integrate the Session

20 Jan 2019 6:06 PM | Carolyn Winter

Last December 21st, we did the 5 Element Seasons Repatterning to support our Water Element energy and an overall intention. This is a 5 part group proxy series of repatterning sessions - one for each season and free for members at (membership also free!) 

In case you missed it the Session video, audio and a set of notes are now available at the Five Element Season home page.  (you need to be logged in) 

It's not too late! - If you didn't have a chance to sign up and actively participate ... its not too late!  Join as a member and then proceed to the home page for this webinar.  Complete the Water Element form, watch the video of the session and consider yourself proxied in, and /or read the session notes also posted on this page

The session notes contain a supplementary section on Integrating the session.   When you are a practitioner doing many sessions on yourself, and many of you combining it with other transformational work, the extraordinary and miraculous in our life  and personal growth can pass by very quickly, sometime barely noticed.   Hopefully, our commitment to growth sustains the new way of being possible with each session, but if you feel like sessions of anything are getting you no where... taking time to reflect on your recent experiences can help.   More than solving problems repatterning session changes the way our brains fire.  Read the suggestions for integrating the session at the end of the repatterning notes. 

How did this session work for you?  How has it supported your overall intention or goal? Your comments are welcomed!

Carolyn Winter

Online Coordinator at 

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