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Living in Tune Series Update

15 Mar 2019 9:00 AM | Carolyn Winter

Last year we were over the moon with Chloe's new book/seminar series Living in Tune. There are 3 books

  • -Living in Tune with Your Light
  • -Living in Tune with Your Heart
  • -Living in Tune with Your Life

Central to these the repatternings in this seminar series is the power of stories in helping us identify our patterns, our growing edge and to become present to our next step forward. All are inspirational.

The books are written for access by the general public as well as long time practitioners -- though warning if you are a non practitioner you will be inspired to become one after experiencing the power of these sessions.

For our 2018 student group, the session audio recordings are now available to you online and will remain available until December 31st 2019. Login at and then mouse over the MY COURSES tab to find the seminars you are registered for access. Please contact me ( if you have difficulty obtaining access.

If you missed these wonderful seminars, registration remains open as a webinar with access to the audio recordings, discussion board to ask questions and the class list where we encourage students to be in touch and continue with session exchanges.

Click here for the detailed seminar information and to register.

Carolyn Winter

Online Coordinator 

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