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Repeat After Me “I am a Web Goddess!”

25 May 2019 1:33 PM | Carolyn Winter

Updated from the original Journeys With Oz post published July 1, 2013 by Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

I have a secret tip for you to exponentially  improve your skills and abilities with online tools.

In one of my sideline coaching activities I coach healers and artsy types to use online tools.  Specifically, I  help the 40+ age group to overcome any fear or  inadequacies they may have using online internet tools and learning to maintain their own online presence.

My process is gentle and developmental – after all my background and first career was in Early Childhood Education.  We take things in stages.   The journey starts where the client is today and if that means finding the “ON” button for the computer -that is where we start.  For anyone learning something new the journey continues to the building blocks of getting an account, what to put in those boxes, how to make the most out of tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc.  Learning how to do what you have been wanting to learn forever on the internet can be very gratifying.  At the same time I have noticed that clients can get over-whelmed learning so many new things in a short space of time.

Has your your heart has just skipped a beat?  Then this is for you!

If you are a repatterning practitioner, of course you can always do the Integration For Growth repatterning.  It is a great repatterning to stop yourself from spiraling to your old way of being.

However a  journaling affirmation I have used for quite some time can help your learning immensely.

At the end of a session of learning something new, when your grey cells feel taxed,

 simply declare out loud “I fully and completely integrate all the new things I just learned.”   Really ground this affirmation by writing it out at the end of the day and saying a few statements of gratitude to yourself.  Actively appreciate yourself for what you have learned.

If you are negotiating your way around web tools you can also add on to your declaration of new learning…..


With love and light

p.s.: Ardis here. I can personally testify to the gentleness and clarity of Carolyn’s coaching. She has taken me from kindergarten to grad school is a very short time! Go for it: once you get “round the bend” you will never look back. See you on the internet!

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