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Facilitate the extraordinary with your clients

25 May 2019 1:48 PM | Carolyn Winter

(Updated and Reprinted from Feb 2013 at Journeys with Oz) .

What was the last new alternative training you studied in your quest for serving clients better? There are so many interesting and effective alternative healing systems out there today from hands on systems such as Jin Shin, massage, or acupressure to crystal healing, aroma therapy, energy matrix and more. Chloe Wordsworth herself studied many systems of healing in the past 30 years in her quest to find the ultimate combination. On the one hand you may feel, you don’t need yet another system but perhaps like her you have found that not all healing systems work well for all clients or their situations. Indeed it is rare to find one that adapts to all clients and all situations for a custom fit.

What is the best tool to use for your client today and how do you know? If you have many training certificates on your wall, you may find that clients come for sessions for one or more of your specialties or have no idea what they need. How do you help them decide? It can be a huge responsibility that if taken on actually dis-empowers the client. Finding the best modality may make the difference not only to their immediate healing needs but your longer term relationship for helping them with a variety of situations.

Especially for new healers knowing where to go next in a session or what tools to most appropriately select in your practice of serving clients is where you may lose confidence in your ability to serve well. This is one place where Resonance Repatterning can help you.

With resonance repatterning, if you master the muscle checking technique taught in the Basic 6 Resonance Repatterning courses and can follow instructions, you will gain a system of healing that allows you to throw away the need to know, to be right or have to guess about the best next step for your client. Most importantly, all of your other tools can be incorporated in your basic practitioner energy map called the mandala. What you bring to a resonance repattening session will be as rich as the totality of the systems you have studied. Nothing is lost or set aside.

What is remarkable is that no matter the depth of your studies, you can have an MBA and be a certified account as my colleague Ellen Shapiro does, be massage therapist or energy psychologist, and still obtain perfect and extraordinary results – as rich as what you know and strangely independent of what you know.

The essential difference is with a Resonance Repatterning session you always get perfect results because the client’s energy system is in charge. Muscle checking on yourself on behalf of the client involves an entrainment of energy between client and practitioner where the client’s system of energy is reading and informing the practitioner’s system. Both energy fields are determining the direction for the session. What are the best repatternings? What modalities within this practitioners background should we access? All is revealed with the practitioner muscle checking response.

For me as a practitioner the experience of where to go next in a session is often surprising and sometimes downright mystical. For all of my training and decades of experience in social service, alternative healing and business, my wisdom is rarely needed as the system draws out the resources within the client that will help them shift. Granted, I likely contribute to that discovery with the awareness in my own field, that is shared in the entrainment process. The sessions are customized to the client, the amount of time available and in my personal experience often anticipates a next event in the life of the client creating positive results for them. It is amazing.

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Practitioners how are you combining your other training with Resonance Repatterning? Your comments and insights are welcomed.

With light and love

Carolyn Winter
Online Coordinator at

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