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Your Vision Through Movement, Memory and Light

29 Mar 2019 6:53 PM | Ardis Ozborn (Administrator)


"Your Vision Through
Movement, Memory and Light"

If you have completed the basic series through Five Element/Meridians you are eligible for this seminar. Have you taken the New Vision Seminar previously? If so, then you are in for a treat, because Chloe has REVISED it! After teaching the Living in Tune Series she was inspired to revamp the books and improve the repatternings. 

In this seminar we will focus on several categories of repatternings and areas of stress and how it affects our vision. As we release tension in the eyes we let in more light and see better; Inner Light and our Vision connects us to the truth of who we are; Conflict and our Vision helps us understand the high cost of unresolved conflicts; Visual Acuity helps us understand why we don't see clearly; Pain and our Vision highlights how restrictions in our body impair our ability to see; Laughter and how it releases tension to help our vision -- along with Repatternings for Movement to increase our light. How our Memory Imprints affect what we see and Endorphin Stress Response  and how releasing neurotransmitters can improve our vision.

When I took the New Vision Class the first time Chloe had us remove our glasses and contacts the entire time. I found myself feeling frustrated and at times angry because I couldn't "see". After the class I found myself removing my glasses most of the time. I felt more relaxed and peaceful without them on and my acuity improved too.

I remember a student who had very thick lenses. She had been told she was legally blind. During the seminar she struggled because she couldn't "see". After the class she returned home and noticed great improvements in her acuity. She attended a family gathering and chose not to wear her glasses. Her family didn't recognize her initially and spent the evening telling her how she didn't look like herself without her signature glasses. She reflected on the connection between how her family "saw" her and her belief that without her glasses she could not "see"...She continued to make wonderful improvements in her vision.

New students and retakers are encouraged to register for this seminar. Chloe has not offered the Vision course in the USA for many years and it is not scheduled again in the near future. Please don't miss this informative and enlightening experience!


**If you cannot attend all the sessions because of time constraints, you can always proxy in to the sessions and then access the audio later in your own time.

DATES: May 15,22; June 5,12,19,26
(*No class on May 29th)

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